[Grain Multigrain Paste]_Grain Multigrain Paste_How to Eat_How to Eat

[Grain Multigrain Paste]_Grain Multigrain Paste_How to Eat_How to Eat

Grains and cereals are some health and health pastes prepared with grains and cereals. The different formulas have different health values. For example, rice and mung bean kelp can be used to brighten eyes and clear liver.Nourishing and soothing effect.

1. Mingmu Qinggan Paste Ingredients: 1 measuring cup of rice, 1 measuring cup of mung bean, 1/2 measuring cup of kelp (cut into pieces).

Efficacy: Kelp can regulate blood pH and prevent oil production.

Beans are cooked with kelp, which can avoid the loss of iodine, but also rejuvenate, which is a good summer heatstroke dessert.

Health Tips: Dark green and sour foods are good for liver function.

2. Ingredients for spleen and nourishing stomach paste: 1 measuring cup for rice, 1/2 measuring cup for millet, 1 measuring cup for pumpkin (diced), 1 measuring cup for carrot (diced).

Efficacy: Pumpkin and carrot are rich in carotene. After drinking for a long time, the person who stays up late for a few times will have obvious improvement.

Xiaomi is beneficial to spleen and stomach deficiency, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea and post-partum illness or insomnia.

Health Tips: Yellow food and sweet taste can strengthen the spleen and stomach.

3. Ingredients for nourishing blood and nourishing paste: 1 measuring cup of rice, 1 amount of wolfberry, 1 tomato, 8 red dates (coreless).

Efficacy: Improve blood circulation, nourish the heart, nourish blood, and make your face more rosy and moving.

Health Tips: Red food is a good food for people with heart failure.

Bitterness can also inhibit and treat heart inflammation.

4, Yangxin Anshen paste ingredients: 1 measuring cup of oatmeal, 1/2 measuring cup of peanut (fried), 1/2 measuring cup of almond, 1/4 measuring cup of lotus seed, 1/4 measuring cup of lily.

Function: nourishing yin and clearing fire, recuperating heat, replenishing heart and soothe the nerves, nourishing the brain and anti-aging, it is the best health supplement for white-collar workers.

Health Tips: White food can make lung function active.

5, Yishenjiannao paste ingredients: rice 1/2 measuring cup, black rice 1/2 measuring cup, black sesame 1/2 measuring cup, 3 jujubes, peanut (fried) 1/2 measuring cup.

Efficacy: Stay in the face, eyesight, black hair, make the skin white and tender, anti-aging, and more beneficial to the function of the kidney.